Ovid SP enquête

Enqueteren is kennelijk een leuke bezigheid. Voor de liefhebbers hier een vragenlijst over het gebruik van Ovid SP en hoe daarin door informatiespecialisten wordt gezocht. Het is Engels, maar zeker niet onnuttig voor ons. De uitkomsten zullen tzt worden gepresenteerd op de CILIP Health Libraries Group conference in Cardiff. Hieronder het bericht (via medbib-lijst) van Danielle Worster:

Dear Colleagues,
Do you use any of the databases on the Ovid platform, such as Medline, Embase or PsycInfo?  Or have you used any of these in the recent past?
If so, it would be very helpful if you could spare 15 to 20 minutes to complete my survey. 
It is available at this address:
The rationale for this survey is to find out how we are using Ovid SP, and if the redesign of the layout and features, that occurred earlier this year, has affected how we search.  As Ovid is internationally accessible to those who subscribe to it, the experiences of North Americans are definitely of interest and would be great to have.
This survey will be the topic of a poster to be presented at the CILIP Health Libraries Group (HLG) Conference this July in Cardiff, Wales.  
Your responses will be kept anonymous.


The survey is available online until Wednesday 28th May.


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