Another bug in the Cochrane Library?

Laika Spoetnik reported last week a bug in the Cochrane Library: searching for (obesity sibutramine):ti,ab,kw gave far les records than searching for (obesity:ti,ab,kw AND sibutramine:ti,ab,kw). However, I don’t think the reason behind this is a bug. In fact Laika seached two different things. 
First I thought it was a kind of searching for a phrase, but this was not true.
In fact, when searching for (obesity:ti,ab,kw AND sibutramine:ti,ab,kw) you search for obesity and sibutramine in the title OR in the abstract OR in the keywords, while when you search for (obesity:ti,ab,kw AND sibutramine:ti,ab,kw) obesity may be found in the title OR abstract OR keywords AND sibutramine has to be either in title, abstract OR keywords. The result is a different set of records. See table below.

Current Search History






#1 (obesity sibutramine):ti,ab,kw 90 edit delete
#2 (obesity and sibutramine):ti,ab,kw 90 edit delete
#3 “obesity sibutramine”:ti,ab,kw 1 edit delete
#4 (obesity and sibutramine):ti 33 edit delete
#5 (obesity and sibutramine):ab 67 edit delete
#6 (obesity and sibutramine):kw 9 edit delete
#7 (#4 OR #5 OR #6) 90 edit delete

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