Searching the Cochrane Library

This week Laika and myself discussed the so-called bug in the Cochrane Library. This bug was not really a bug, but a misinterpretation of the search-engine of the Cochrane Library.
Searching for at least two words in title, abstracts or keywords, means searching for both words in title, or both terms in the abstract or both terms in the keywords. I think there is some logic in it, contrary to Laika.
It is also not similar to a phrase search, see for excample #4 and #5 in the table below. For your information: `abdominal pain` without any additonal words/abbreviations, means Searching All Text.

Also when searching the Cochrane library you have to be sure how the search engine works, similar to that of for instance PubMed or even Google.
May be it is a good idea for Wiley InterScience, publisher of the Cochrane Library, to publish a book or guideline on how to search the Cochrane Library, as there are various publshers guides for searching PubMed, Medline, Embase, and other bibliographic databases.


Current Search History






#1 (abdominal pain):ti,ab,kw 3512 edit delete
#2 (abdominal and pain):ti,ab,kw 3512 edit delete
#3 (abdominal):ti,ab,kw and (pain):ti,ab,kw 3670 edit delete
#4 “abdominal pain” 2558 edit delete
#5 “abdominal pain”:ti,ab,kw 2118 edit delete

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